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Monte offers its customers a unique draw with a variety of entertainment, super luxurious, comfortable five-star design and the latest gaming equipment of “Euro Game Technology” and other brands, a wide range of slot machines and jackpots. Monte bets the latest casino games produced by world leaders in the field of gambling equipment and among the most popular in the top casinos in Las Vegas. The price of each square centimeter of the objects is a hotel to get more! More games and entertainment presented in a new way.

Black Jack

It began in American gambling circles in the wild west, where if the first two cards were pick jack and ace, players received an additional payout.

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American roulette

The roulette table has 37 numbers: from 0 to 36. You have to guess the winning number. This means the box where the white ball will fall after spinning alongside the wheel.

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3 Card Poker

A game in which a straight flush is the best hand one can receive; three Card Poker offers the emotion of traditional poker at a much faster pace.

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Traditional poker

Traditional Texas Hold‘em Poker, or Ultimate Poker, is a poker variant where the participants, up to 6 of them at the table, will not play against each other, but instead attempt to beat the Bank.

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Caribbean poker

An exciting version of poker that is played against a croupier, not against other players. The game begins with the deal of 5 cards, including the dealer, but only one card is face up and players can see it.

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Slot machines

You win on a slot machine when you have a set of identical symbols on any one of the winning lines.

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Electronic Roulette

Although the rules are similar to those of its famed predecessor, the electronic roulette has some special features.

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Texas Hold ’em

Today, this simplified version of poker is most commonly played in casinos. Like the original version of the game, it is played with a deck of 52 cards and the goal is to compete against the other players at the table.

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Omaha Poker

Omaha is one of the most popular poker games at the moment, with roots in Texas Hold’em. Each player receives four cards that only he sees.

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