American Roulette

Do you feel lucky?

The roulette table has 37 numbers: from 0 to 36. You have to guess the winning number. This means the box where the white ball will fall after spinning alongside the wheel. You can play by placing a chip on the number you think will come next. You can also bet on multiple numbers at a time.

To play, you need to take a seat around the table. The game is run by the dealer’s annocements. “Place your bets” to start the betting-round, and “No more bets” to announce the end of the betting-round. When the ball stops spinning, the winning number is announced. The dealer sweeps away the losing bets, and pays the winning bets.


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3 Card Poker

A game in which a straight flush is the best hand one can receive; three Card Poker offers the emotion of traditional poker at a much faster pace.

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Traditional poker

Traditional Texas Hold‘em Poker, or Ultimate Poker, is a poker variant where the participants, up to 6 of them at the table, will not play against each other, but instead attempt to beat the Bank.

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Caribbean poker

An exciting version of poker that is played against a croupier, not against other players. The game begins with the deal of 5 cards, including the dealer, but only one card is face up and players can see it.

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