We, “BHM CASINO BULGARIA” OOD, operating under the trademarks MONTE CASINO and MONTE GAMING CLUB (referred to hereinafter as “MONTE CASINO”) use cookies and similar tools on our website, in order to improve its performance, while you are using it. This policy explains how we do that and what are your options, regarding the use of cookies.


A HTTP – cookie (HTTP cookie), usually referred to simply as a “cookie”, is an information package, sent by a web server to an Internet browser, e.g. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or similar, and then sent back by the browser every time it obtains access to such server.

There are two main types of cookies – permanent and temporary or “session” cookies.

Permanent cookies are stored as a file on your computer and mobile device for a long period of time.

Temporary (session) cookies are temporarily placed on your device, when you visit our website, but disappear, as soon as you leave the site, which means that these are not permanently stored on your device.

Cookies are not personalized, but are based on a combination of a device and Internet browser. Therefore, a person, using several browsers and/or devices, has a separate set of cookies for each device-browser combination. On the other hand, cookies do not differentiate between multiple users, sharing a device and a browser, unless they have different user profiles.

Important! The cookies that we use are anonymous and contain no personal data.


Cookies serve many diverse functions. For example, they help us analyse how well does our website perform, so that we can improve it.

Therefore, we may use non-personalized information from the session cookies for statistical purposes, as follows:

  • Overall improvement of your interaction with our website.
  • Monitoring the use of our website (frequency and time);
  • Providing anonymous information to third parties, so that more appropriate and interesting information is presented to you;
  • Administering our website, including for eliminating any technical issues;
  • Monitoring users’ interest in a certain product and specific sections and functionalities of the website;



When you use our website, we can collect the following types of cookies:

  • Required and session cookies

These cookies are strictly necessary so that the website can perform its functions. These cookies are used so that:

  • we confirm the authenticity of the users, when they use the website, in order to enable us to provide them with our products;
  • we can ensure proper performance, according to the conditions for using the website; and
  • the security of this website is maintained.
  • Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are placed by other organizations, used by use to provide us with various service, e.g. service providers, including marketing service providers, in order to enable the provision of personalized content, advertising and traffic analysis.

In these cases, the shared cookies are managed by the respective third parties and are not controlled by us. Below you can find a list of the third-party service that we use, some of which can be disabled, using your browser’s general settings. For others, you will need to visit the respective web pages and follow the instructions, provided therein. All of them use different cookies.


Third party – service provider Purpose More information and instructions for disabling
Google Analytics Generating statistics, regarding the traffic on the website and the sources of such traffic
Google Adwords Providing targeted information and proposals, according to your searches and interests, as well as traffic monitoring.


Facebook pixel

Providing targeted information and proposals on the Facebook platform.

For more information, please visit:


To disable these cookies:


You can find Facebook’s Privacy Policy at the following address:



All modern browsers let you change your cookie settings. You can usually find these settings in the “options” and “preferences” menus of your browser. The links below can help you fully understand these settings, and you can also use the “Help” button in your browser’s menu for more details:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

Cookie settings in Firefox

Cookie settings in Chrome

Cookie settings in Safari web and iOS.

If you are concerned the most about the advertising third-party cookies, generated by advertisers, you can disable them by following this link: Your Online Choices site.

Please, remember that if you decide to disable the cookies, some sections of our website may not function properly.


In addition, you can find our Privacy Policy here.

Any and all future changes to the Cookies Policy will be published on this website. All changes shall become effective immediately, with the exception of changes, concerning existing users, for whom these shall become effective 15 days after their publication date, unless otherwise specified.



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