Black Jack or “21” is considered one of the most popular card games in the world.

It began in American gambling circles in the wild west, where if the first two cards were pick jack and ace, players received an additional payout. Hence the name Blackjack. These bonuses no longer exist, but the principle remains the same. The name of the game is to beat the Bank, in the face of the Dealer, without exceeding 21. Otherwise you lose your bet. If you reach Blackjack (A and 10, J, Q, or K), your bet will be paid 3 to 2. If you beat the Dealer without reaching Blackjack, you win double.


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American roulette

The roulette table has 37 numbers: from 0 to 36. You have to guess the winning number. This means the box where the white ball will fall after spinning alongside the wheel.

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3 Card Poker

A game in which a straight flush is the best hand one can receive; three Card Poker offers the emotion of traditional poker at a much faster pace.

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Traditional poker

Traditional Texas Hold‘em Poker, or Ultimate Poker, is a poker variant where the participants, up to 6 of them at the table, will not play against each other, but instead attempt to beat the Bank.

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